Equipment – Roof Cleaning New Jersey


inside_truck All of the power washing equipment in every unit in our fleet is self-contained and permanently mounted in the truck or trailer. They are equipped with the latest generation of hot water powerwashers designed specifically for exterior housewashing. With the simple flick of a switch, water pressure can be adjusted from 400 psi (pounds per square inch) to 3,000 psi and the temperature can be adjusted up to 190 degrees.

We custom-build every truck and are constantly improving our power washing machines so that we have fewer breakdowns and less downtime. This means that 99.7% of the time, your technician will be on time and fully prepared to complete your job using equipment that is in perfect working condition.

equipAll of the power washing equipment in every truck in our fleet is self-contained and permanently mounted in the truck.

This eliminates the possibility of mobile equipment dripping oil or gas on your driveway, lawn or patio.

Our goal is to provide the most dependable, affordable, on-time service in the industry.

We manufacture numerous power washing equipment attachments we have invented to make the outcome of your job better, less time-consuming and, as a result, less expensive for you.

exwand2Our custom-made 25-foot lightweight extension wands allow us to wash almost your entire house without the use of ladders.

These wands have detergent injectors built right into them to apply our biodegradable house-washing detergent evenly.

Clean water rinsing is done from a distance to get a better feel for how the siding will look after it dries.


Cleaning the gutter exteriors 25-feet off the ground is easy with hot water, detergent and our extension wands.

Unlike many of our competitors, we provide this service at no additional charge.
When the height of a building is out of the reach of our extension wands, we bring in a bucket truck to clean the higher areas.

Our custom-built rotary surface cleaner has a fully adjustable rotating spray bar that safely and quickly cleans decking, concrete, masonry and pavers, restoring them to like-new condition.


All of these customizations save you money, because it takes us less time to do the job, which translates to lower overhead and less water usage.

We pass the savings on to you!